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The Fishial Recognition project offers a range of powerful tools designed to streamline image collection, automate species labeling & identification, team work flows and task assignments. In additional to this we offer both GitHub published AI models and a robust SAAS API services for fish identification.

Fish identification AI models
Developers REST API
Fish Image Management System (IMS)
AI based Fish labeling tools
Project management tools
Image QA review process flow
Labeled Fish Species training datasets
Our Solutions


The Fishial Recognition project offers a prebuilt fish identification AI model that is published on GitHub
Segmentation model - will identify all of the fish species within a photo
Returns a JSON formatted list of fish species with +polygons drawn around each fish.
Classification model - will identify the fish species by scientific name (currently 290+ species) within the photo

Published on GitHub - Download here
The same fish identification models are also available as a SAAS developers REST API
Give it a try Demo link


Developers API -  REST SAAS Service

The Fishial Project offers a REST API SAAS service for developers of mobile apps and websites. If you don't want to host your own copy of the Fishial model just use our hosted model!

REST based API with authorization
Image upload to user & team collections
Fish Identification
Returns detected species list of scientific names with a probability percentage of a match and the pixel location in the image of the fish detected.
Over 5000+ Fish Species thumbnail images
Feedback mechanism for third party API users to agree or disagree with the fish identification

IMS portal

Register, Join Teams and Upload Photos

The Image managament system (IMS) portal is located at https://portal.fishial.ai and allows a user to register for an account and/or join an existing team. Once signed in a user can update their user profile join a team or start to upload photos into their image library.

Main features:
Specialized image library to organize the worlds fish species images
Individual’s or teams can work together on a common set of images
Project management tools for teams to assign work (labeling)
AI enabled fish species labeling editor
Automatic fish species detection & polygon creation on upload of an image
Fish Traits can be labeled such has eye’s, head, tails etc.
Defined QA process to scan out errors

IMS portal

Labeling Species And Attributes

Members can import their images at the Fishial.AI portal. The portal allows members to:

Upload images
Automatic fish species detection & polygon creation on upload of an image
Edit polygons bounding box and identifying attributes
Identify species
Set image copyrights
Submit image for review

IMS portal

Image Review & Tracking

Fishial has implemented a robust set of features that make image review quick and easy.

 All photos submitted to the Fishial collection are reviewed for accuracy
 All changes to a image are tracked in a image history log so error can be back-traced to the source.

Fishial Image DATASETS

Published Datasets
Datasets (coming soon in 2024)
“Non commercial use only” labeled image dataset
“Non commercial & Commercial” image dataset
“Benchmark/Testing” image dataset
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