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Fishial.AI is a project sponsored by "The Wye Foundation" with the goal of making highly accurate fish identification possible by building the largest open-source fish species image library labeled for AI machine learning.

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Our staff
Jane Wye

Introducing Jane Wye, the Co-founder of the Wye Foundation and our CFO at Fishial. Jane's heart belongs to the sea, and she's equally passionate about golfing and preserving nature. Her dedication drives our mission forward. Discover more about her journey and commitment to our causes.

Tom Wye
co-founder & project manager

Meet Tom Wye, our Project Manager and Board Member. Passionate about tech and fishing, Tom connects innovation and angling. He's not only an angler but also an advocate for conservation, AI, and tech. Tom's expertise and dedication drive our mission. Welcome him to our tech-savvy, eco-conscious community!

Santiago Turcatti
Head Project Biologist

Meet Santiago Turcatti Oviedo, M.Sc. in Biology-Zoology and Wildlife Conservationist from Uruguay. With a deep passion for Biology and Environmental Science, he's a dynamic addition to our team. We're thrilled to have him on board! Follow Santiago's journey on Twitter: @s_turcatti.

Darío Stawski
marketing manager

Meet Dario Stawski, our dynamic Marketing Manager. Armed with an honors degree from Adelphi University Business School and a wealth of experience across various industries in New York, Miami, and Buenos Aires, Dario has been a pivotal member of our team since 2020. Outside work, he channels his passion into soccer and surfing, embodying dedication and adventure in all his pursuits.

Joy Flexer
Marketing cordinator

Meet Joy Flexer, our Fishial Marketing Coordinator! With a passion for skateboarding and aquatic sports, Joy brings a dynamic energy to our team. When not making waves in the marketing world, she's a cat enthusiast, an avocado toast connoisseur, and fueled by coffee. Join us in welcoming Joy and her unique blend of talents to the Fishial family!

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